Monday, 28 April 2014

What are the Stages of Inspection?

There are three stages of inspection:
•               Inspection of incoming material
•               Inspection of production process
•               Inspection of finished goods

The inspection of incoming materials is also known as receiving inspection. All the raw materials and parts are inspected before they are used in the manufacturing process or as stock. The inspection usually takes place in the manufacturers’ gate or at the suppliers end. The most economical place to conduct inspections on large scale is at the suppliers or the vendors.

Inspection of production process is when the inspection takes place at the same time as the production process. There are multiple work centres and critical production points when the inspections are carried out. This method helps to reduce wasted time and money caused by defective units and stops expensive delays during assembly.

The inspection of finished goods is the final stage where the goods are checked before marketing.  The inspection is required so the poor quality products can be sold as a second or at a reduced price or rejected completely.

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  1. Good article, would very much hope that you follow up with more details on each of the processes!