Friday, 25 April 2014

What is Inspection?

Reaching and maintaining standardization, quality and uniformity requires inspection. Inspection is focused on comparing the standards that have been put in place, along with the specifications and ensuring everything is on track. It is essential, a way to control quality by removing any items that don’t meet the required standards.
Inspection needs to be part of the manufacturing processes, used to maintain high quality standards, it’s also used to reduce the manufacturing cost and reduce the scrap losses and identify possible causes of work that is defective.

The Objectives of Inspection
  • Collecting and recording information about the performance of the product with set standards for engineering, purchasing and quality control
  • Maintaining standards to remove poor quality manufactured products
  • Establishing and increasing the reputation of the company by ensuring customers receive quality products
  • Finding the source of any problems with the finished products, checking the work of the designers

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