Thursday, 24 April 2014

Why do we need to Audit Warehouses?

Auditing is never easy, but it is an essential job. Warehouses can quickly get into trouble, damaging the customer satisfaction rates and harming the reputation of the company. Management has to find benchmarks to ensure the company works towards the goal of increasing profits and keeping customers happy. Warehouse auditing may help to spot early warehouse warning signs, so action can be taken.  Let’s look at this in more details.
  • Warning signs recognition– problematic warehouses don’t recover quickly. Prevention is better than the cure and damage control is essential. Regular audits help the warehouse to spot problems and correct damage, whether it’s an internal or external problem.
  • Customer relations monitoring. The warehouse is only as good as the customers consider it to be.  The customers are part of this process, asking how they feel about the service they receive.
  • Process and cost control focuses on improving the operation costs and the productivity standards.
  • Maintaining quality – to ensure the warehouse is working to maintain standards of the company.
  • People management in the warehouse requires auditing. Checking they are happy, working safely and efficiently and are happy with the organisation.
  • Keeping an eye on the physical assets that are in inventory or stored ensures inaccuracies are avoided and problems with missing/damaged assets are reduced.
  • When improvements for the warehouse are suggested there needs to be evidence to support their requirements.

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