Saturday, 31 May 2014

Chit Chat: Common differences between B2B and consumer marketing

B2C Consumer
B2B Consumer
       Accept the stated price
       Negotiate on price
       Buy on impulse or with minimal processes
       Use formalised, lengthy purchasing policies and processes
       Buy in small quantities and frequently
       Buy in large quantities and infrequently
       Happy with a standardised product package targeted at a specific market segment
       Want a customised product package
     Suffer minor irritation if supply fails
       Suffer major problems if supply fails
       Find switching to another supplier easy
       Find switching to another supplier difficult
       Justify an emphasis on mass media communication
       Justify an emphasis on personal selling
       Purchase goods/services to meet individual or family needs
       Purchase goods/services that meet specific business needs
       Purchase as individuals or as a family unit
       Involve large groups in purchasing decisions
       Purchase from intermediaries
       Purchase direct from suppliers
       Emphasis on psychological benefits
       Emphasis on economic benefits

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