Wednesday, 21 May 2014

How to Assess Your Warehouse Operations

Warehouse operations need to be assessed in order to spot issues that could result in loss of money for the company. The job is quite a large one, but it can become more manageable by breaking it down into smaller parts.
  • Evaluate the space by working out the cubic feet of storage you have available and consider how you’re making use of the space.
  • Check your critical inventory levels and set a level by averaging how much products you keep each month plus safety stock.
  • Is time wasted walking to and from stock? Work out the best place for your pick locations that will reduce time pickers take to get around the warehouse.
  • Consider the benefits of bar code technology and how it can help speed up the work processes and track products.
  • Do you have options to expand? Use your sales forecasts as a base and see how much extra stock could be stored at your current warehouse.
  • Look at how you’re storing your stock. Would it be possible to consolidate locations, reduce spreading and avoid delays in filling orders?
  • Are the vendor package products affecting your operational costs?
By focusing on these areas you will be able to discover where time and money is being wasted in your warehouse.

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