Saturday, 31 May 2014

Lean Design Implementation: Strategies for Maximising Value-enhancing Levers

Maximising Strategy
Ease of disposal
Use disposable materials, modular assembly/disassembly.
Ease of installation
Simplify installation process; create modular designs and mistake-proof designs.
Ease of operation
Create mistake-proof design; simplify operation approach.
Ease of maintenance
Use modular design, access to subsystems.
Ease of product or service acquisition
Lean out the process steps so that customers can educate themselves about the product or service and easily acquire the product or service (just-in-time).
Environmentally friendly
Design for environment.
Features of the product or service
Prioritise on customer expectations and ensure that we deliver options and features customers desire.
High barrier against imitation
Obtain patent protection, copyright, trademark.
Leverage the design for new products or service
Use platform design, reuse concepts, and modular designs.
Perception and image
Develop the right image and perceived value of the solution.
Performance level of supplied functions of the product or service
These items include quality, reliability, and other performance levers. Deliver on these expectations at the correct level. Undershooting and  overshooting generates waste.

Source: Rajesh Jugulum, Philip Samuel. Design for Lean Six Sigma, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.  2008

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