Friday, 16 May 2014

The Advantages of Drop Shipping

There are five clear advantages that make drop shipping worthwhile. These advantages are as follows:
  1. Drop shipping makes it easier for merchants to provide multiple products to their customers. Drop shipping makes this possible as the merchant is not responsible for storing the goods. Having a broad range of products provides extra marketing advantages, offers customers more choice and benefits online SEO with multiple landing pages.
  2. Merchants choosing drop shipping are able to bring products to market quicker. There’s no need to bring the products into the inventory so wait times are eliminated.
  3. New lines can be explored without having to bring in the new inventory. It’s a great way of exploring the potential in new products without the financial risk.
  4. In general the drop shipping contracts don’t involve an upfront payment which enables merchants to reduce their investments. It’s also an excellent way for start-ups to get their foot in the ground.
  5. Drop shipping saves the merchant time. There’s no stock to receive and store, there’s no pulling and packing of products and there’s no need for the merchant to ship the products.
Drop shipping is an excellent system that provides merchants with the opportunity to provide their customers with choice without increasing the costs or work involved. There will be an increase in customer services as a result but with excellent organisation the benefits will still be enjoyed.

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