Tuesday, 13 May 2014

What are some of the Challenges of Green procurement?

Green procurement has many advantages but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any challenges that need to be addressed. It’s important to be aware of these challenges before the strategic planning is put into place in order to avoid problems once the plan has been implemented.

The challenges that need to be overcome include: 
  • The environmental managers often have to face resistance from within the company who are not keen on making changes in procurement.
  • It may be difficult to source greener products.
  • Working out the hidden costs and the potential savings can be difficult due to the lack of training and knowledge required to create the reports relating to procurement, the life cycle monitoring and disposal.
  • Communication between environmental groups can be misleading and confusion.
  • Definitions are often unclear.
  • The green procurement initiatives need to be worked into the current management systems.
  • Marketing and sales professionals within the company need to be educated regarding the environmental attributes of the products or services.
  • There may be trade barriers that need addressing such as labelling requirements. Each country may have different rules and regulations that will need to be investigated.
Despite these challenges green procurement provides a valuable method of complying with environmental regulations, improving the reputation of the brand and reducing expenses.

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