Friday, 23 May 2014

What are the strategic, operational challenges of a global supply chain in a changing global business environment?

Strategic challenges that have an impact on the global supply chain and may varies from industry to industry. Listed below are some challenges:

Marketing dimension – Customer demands are a challenge as they fluctuate and change quickly. It’s necessary to be able to manage lead times and capacity synchronisation to try and control the global supply chain efficiently.

Resource Dimension – New resources can be found all over the world and these must be looked at to see if time and money can be saved. Current resources used by the firm must also be examined to ensure they yield economic outputs. Resource deployment often poses problems including finances, workforce, materials, infrastructure, assets and so on. The global supply chain opens new doors to new resources beyond local and national opportunities.

Technology Dimension – Apply technology in ways that will benefit the supply chain management and overall business competitiveness is essential. Discovering and implementing new technology can be a challenge especially when working together with multiple suppliers and providers.  Technological dimension challenges refers to the development lead time, disruptive technology and the supply chain network challenges.

Time Dimension – Time plays an essential role in the global supply chain challenges. Time differences can make or break the chain and it is usually the one who takes the least time getting to the market who benefits the most. It’s essential to be agile and responsive to the market.

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