Thursday, 1 May 2014

What does Quality Control Mean?

When it comes to quality control there are many different aspects to consider. Quality isn’t only related to the manufacturing process, it could also relate to management or the processes involved. There are often determining factors in place to ensure the quality of the product is realised, and so the customer requirements are met. The factors may include the design, size, chemical composition, industry standards and the workmanship, but in the final step it is the customer that determines the quality standards for the products.

The design process is where the quality control process begins. The characteristics of quality include:
  • Design
  • Conformance with specifications
  • Performance
Quality control is defined as the technique that is used to produce products that are uniformed at manufactured at an acceptable quality. The objective is to decide what the customer will see as an acceptable level, to check that there are no variations in manufacturing and to make sure the products that are not up to standard do not fall into the hands of the customer.

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