Tuesday, 17 June 2014

How to Select WMS – Part Two

Today we’ll be looking at the first four of seven steps on how to select your warehouse management system. You must be able to justify your investment as it will be used as a business improvement strategy that requires energy, time and capital. These first four steps will help you to decide upon the best solution for your warehouse.

Calculate the return on investment
Set your budget and decide what you have to have as part of the WMS and which of the features you would like but that you could do without. The main areas include: reducing errors, improve traceability, increased productivity and cost savings and improving customer service.

The Process Decision

The great thing about modern WMS is that they can be configured to suit you and the type of warehouse and system you have. You can configure using ITT documents that are downloaded but you will need to take care and customise them to ensure they’re the perfect fit.

Analyse Your Current WMS

It’s vital that you truly understand your current WMS and analyse it to learn the areas of weakness that need to be improved.

Consider the In-House Capabilities of each Vendor Regarding Development

Not all in-house vendors will be viable when it comes to development. Usually the viable vendors will be the ones that are specialised or that need to be integrated with the in-house systems.

Tomorrow is the final part in our How to Select WMS series when we’ll be looking at the final three steps in the decision making process.

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