Monday, 30 June 2014

Product Inspection… Why Inspection?

What exactly is production inspection and why is it necessary? Inspection takes place during various stages of production to determine what has been to what should have been produced at that stage by referring to the standard specification, drawing or a visual quality standard.  By using suitable measuring instruments and checking appropriately, it is important for the inspector to invest more time on those which are more complex processes and less time on those that are less prone to go wrong. 

A common fallacy of product inspections is that the product quality falls solely on the inspector but this misconception is incorrect as quality is also dependent upon the original designs of the product, methods, materials and equipment that are used along with the skills and the attention of the operator. Without these quality elements, quality cannot be corrected by the inspector.

There are different type inspection forms according to production flow; we will look at these different areas of inspections flow over the next few days:
  • Incoming inspection
  • In-process inspection
  • Final inspection

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