Friday, 13 June 2014

Warehouse Management

Here are some of the main factors to consider when managing a warehouse:
  • Warehouse safety is top of the priority list. Work hard to reduce risks by implementing systems and offering training to employees. Keep the warehouse clean, tidy and well organised.
  • Manage the employees effectively. Ask supervisors to have a say in the employment process, praise employees and identify areas of weakness so they can be tackled.
  • Oversee the operations in the warehouse. You must designate areas for merchandise, check pallets for damage, and perform visual checks of the storage areas and record findings. All key staff should attend regular meetings where problems can be raised and ideas can be discussed.
  • Review the delivery schedules. All deliveries need to run smoothly. Manage the schedules of so there are enough employees available at key periods, such as during deliveries. All back orders need to be checked and staff should know what to do when stock is damaged. Consider investing in up to date software to help with tracking and the inventory management.
These four areas will help you to manage a productive warehouse that is safe to work in. Use them to come up with your new management systems for your warehouses.

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