Friday, 20 June 2014

What are the Potential Threats and Concerns on Healthcare Supply Chain – Part Two

One of the major concerns found in the healthcare supply chain is the uncertain regulatory environment. This is a top concern and therefore one that needs to be dealt with quickly and efficiently as and when the regulations and compliance demands change, which they do and will continue to do on a frequent basis.

There are several factors within the industry that heighten this concern, such as:
  • Safety of patients, security
  • Cross border controls
  • Temperature sensitive products
One of the major issues is the healthcare companies’ lack of in-house knowledge that would help them to comply with regulations concerning security, environment and safety. Outsourcing is proving to be essential as the companies are able to draw on the expertise of the third party logistics providers so they’re able to understand and follow the regulations and run an efficient supply chain that is flexible to change. 

It is also thought that if the FDA in the US and the Customs and Border Protection push for computerised and streamlined operations the healthcare companies would improve their systems and supply chains along with working with the 3PL’s.

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