Monday, 23 June 2014

What are the Potential Threats and Concerns on Healthcare Supply Chain - Part Three

How to Deal with Inefficient Supply Chains

Inefficient supply chains are one of the contributing factors that increase the costs in the healthcare industry. These costs are often unnecessary and with good management the logistics side of the industry offers opportunities for costs to be reduced and efficiency to be improved all with reasonable running costs.

One of the major problems is the high rate of errors that relate to the medical devices procurement processes. Industries usually combat problems with error rates by using electronic ordering, accuracy controls, product scanning and a number of other processes that the healthcare industry is yet to implement.

The healthcare industry including the providers, manufacturers and distributors need to re-work their systems, update from manual to electronic and create a more sophisticated system in order to reduce the running costs, reduce errors and improve overall efficiency. With electronic systems the collection and recording of data will also have fewer errors, saving time and money.

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