Tuesday, 24 June 2014

What are the Potential Threats and Concerns on Healthcare Supply Chain - Part Four

Healthcare at Home

One of the other trends that the healthcare industry is facing relates to technological advances. Thanks to technology more patients are able to receive care from their homes, helping to reduce the need for frequent visits to the Dr. Patients are able to get help by using portable devices that will check vital signs in the home. The data is sent directly to the Dr, who is then able to monitor levels in areas such as blood pressure, brain waves and glucose for example.

Healthcare and technology together are expected to reduce the number of hospital visits and the length of hospital stays dramatically in the future. Providing healthcare products directly to the home is therefore expected to grow. In order to meet the new demands and expectations the healthcare providers will need to work on improving the distribution of their products, be able to deliver quickly at low cost and reduce the errors that occur. Additionally this trend will require the healthcare providers to be up to speed with the latest technological tools.

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