Thursday, 26 June 2014

What is the 3P (Production, Preparation. Process) Approach in Lean Design for Six Sigma?

Toyota was responsible for popularising the 3P approaches, which concentrates in Production, Preparation and Process. The approach prevents waste by simultaneously performing the design and production processes. By combining the processes it is possible to create a lean manufacturing system that has the following characteristics:
  • Pull Systems – This is when the customer signals the pull systems resulting in production fulfillment. It improves the speed of the processes, reducing product manufacturing times and eliminates waste.
  • Work Cell –Integrated flow lines and work cell systems advances on the pull system resulting in further improved efficiency and reduced waste. Processes and movements that are wasteful and unnecessary are eliminated.
  • One Piece Flow – One piece flow is used instead of batch processes. Inventory is minimised and customers receive a faster service.
The lean design is only achievable by creating simultaneous progression thorough the product design and the production processes. Throughout the stages the information is shared and evaluated. The lean design has a separate evolution from the Six Sigma approach but these have no converged into one. They both work to reduce costs, lead times and result in benefits for all.

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