Monday, 9 June 2014

What is a Loading Bay?

The loading bay is where the loading and unloading of goods takes place. The goods are either removed from or loaded onto the transportation vehicle in this designated area. Often the loading bay will have many different bays so that multiple trucks can be loaded or unloaded at once. When the multiple bays are used there is usually a shared platform that spans across the entire length of the area.

Loading bays aren’t only found in warehouses, they can also be found in factories, mail or freight transfer stations, industrial and commercial buildings including theatres and arenas often have loading bays too. The bays will have ramps that lower and raise to the floor up to the level of the platforms as often the work isn’t only completed by hand, equipment such as forklift trucks and pallet jacks are commonly found in the bays.

Safety in the Loading Bays

When vehicles, tools and people work in the same area it is vital that safety is made a priority. Training for all personnel is essential and systems need to be introduced to reduce the risk of injury. These systems include the use of restraining equipment for the trucks and bumpers. Lighting needs to be bright so the area is well lit and mirrors placed in strategic places help the drivers to drive into the bays.

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