Tuesday, 5 August 2014

What are the Activities of Logistics? – Part Two

Yesterday we looked at several of the activities that make up logistics within an organisation. Here are some more activities that continue the process:

Order Picking and Packaging
Order picking finds the stored materials from the warehouse ready to ship for the order. There are several processes including the location and identification of the goods, checking, consolidating into loads and moving orders to the departure area before they are loaded onto the delivery trucks.

One the items have been picked they are then packed in suitable packaging that will protect the materials. This is to try to avoid damage and unhappy customers.

Onward Transportation and Physical Distribution
The materials once picked and packed are collected at the departure lounge and delivered to the ordering customer. The physical distribution covers the activities that ensure the delivery of the orders from customers and is often linked into the downstream activities.

Recycling, Returns and Waste
Logistics doesn't always end when a customer receives their order. Sometimes they might need the order collected and returned. In other cases the pallets and boxes used for delivery can be returned to be reused or to be recycled.  If returned items or materials are not able to be recycled they must be organised for safe disposal.

The activities involved in logistics often take place in multiple locations. Managers must work out the most suitable ways of moving the materials, which can involve finding suitable third parties.

It’s not only the movement of materials that needs to be managed effectively, the information and documentation also need to be processed and delivered to the necessary departments and individuals. This is also part of logistics and needs to be taken into account.

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