Monday, 11 August 2014

What are the Three Models for Real Time Value Chain Management?

Technology, knowledge management and business intelligence enables real time value chain activities. These are the three models that are often used:

E-business Technology Enabled
The value chain management includes e-business technologies in many different areas. E-marketing and sales involve e-order processing, advertising online and online marketing campaigns, online market research and much more. Inventory management uses wireless devices and shipments are tracked using RFID. The e-logistics are there to support and optimise the acquisition of materials, transport processes and improved tracking information. Customer services are now able to be enhanced with real time information and communications too.

Knowledge Enabled Model
The knowledge management uses intelligence agents, algorithms and other artificial intelligence technologies within the real time value chain. These systems are used to support many areas including management of the inventory, procurement, manufacturing, marketing, quality assurance and customer relationship management.

Business Intelligence Enabled
By using relevant data from multiple sources the business intelligence model supports multiple aspects of value chain management. It helps to enable marketing and sales across different sales channels and implements cross-selling, up-selling strategies and effective marketing campaigns. Business intelligence is also used to help with inventory control, route planning, capacity, automatic replenishments and logistics.

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