Saturday, 24 January 2015

ChitChat: 2015 Restaurant Trends Part One

2015 is here and already the restaurant trends are making themselves known. Here are the trends that are expected to continue or begin during the next 12 months.
  • Bragging Rights. - Dinners want their bragging rights when they dine out. Expect to see restaurants embrace this by working on their social media channels, especially with Twitter.
  • Smaller Menus. - Focusing on reducing the size of menus and their dining rooms but always delivering the highest menus. New tech is being used too and as a result restaurants are seeing staff layoffs.
  • Eating on the go. - Consumers are living busy lives and so the traditional sit down restaurants and no longer thriving. However, consumers are also more health conscious so expect to see fresh and healthy fast food vendors thrive.
  • It’s all about the drinks. - Beverages are no longer just the supporting act in the restaurant, they are now big business. More restaurants are expected to create their own alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages this year.
  • Asian foods. - Watch out for more Korean and Vietnamese foods that are expected to take over the more mainstream menus.  This is a change of direction from the more Americanised versions of Asian foods.
Next time, we’ll be looking at the final five trends to watch out for in 2015.

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