Friday, 23 January 2015

How do Operations and Supply Strategies work in Competitive Markets? Part Three

Today is our final installment looking at how operations and supply strategies work in the competitive markets.  Don’t forget to check out our previous posts if you’ve missed them!

Notion of Trade Offs
Firms use the logic that they’re going to be unable to excel in all competitive dimensions at the same time. Therefore the management will establish the parameters of performance that are essential for success and concentrate the resources in these areas. The trade-offs happen with the activities show that more of one thing requires less of another.  Straddling happens with the firm is looking to match the benefits of a successful position while maintaining their current position.

Order Winners and Qualifiers
To understand the markets businesses need to build an interface between marking and operations. Using order winner and order qualifier, it’s possible to establish the key marking oriented dimensions for competitive success. Order winners differentiate products or services from another. Order qualifiers ensure if the products could be considered as purchases after the products or services are screened.

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