Friday, 16 January 2015

What are the Concepts used in Capacity Planning? Capacity Focus

Production facilities generally work at their best when they have a limited amount of production objectives. Companies shouldn’t be focused on mastering all aspects of the manufacturing performance, such as the costs, quality, reliability, flexibility and the speed of delivery. It’s better to focus on a smaller amount of tasks that are the most important and contribute more to the objectives of the corporation.

Having said that, in modern manufacturing there have been breakthroughs that have allowed the factory objectives to be focused upon doing well. Dealing with this contradiction involves looking at the technology the firm has in coping with the multiple objectives effectively or by looking at the practicalities to establish if the firm is in an industry that requires them to use a full range of capabilities in order to maintain and compete in the market.

The use of plants within plants can also be used as a way of using the capacity focus operation. The plants have different sub organisations and process policies along with production control methods and management policies used to create different products.

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