Monday, 19 January 2015

What are the Concepts used in Capacity Planning? Capacity Flexibility

Demands change and flexibility is required in production. The capacity flexibility allows the firm to be able to deal with fluctuations and make quick changes in the production levels or have the ability to move between different products or services. Capacity flexibility required flexible processes, workers and plants as well as strategies involving other organisations. The designing of supply chains now often involves the capacity flexibility.

Flexible plants have the ultimate goal of zero change over time. Equipment could be moved, access increased and utilities made to be re-routable so changes can be done easily.

Flexible processes require flexible manufacturing systems that can be quickly and easily moved and set up to allow for switching between products at low cost to the organisation.

Flexible workers will have lots of skills and be competent at switching between the different tasks. They require a wide level of training rather than being specialised in a specific area.

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