Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Tips on making garment inspection reports

There are steps that need to be completed when making the garment inspection report:
  • The format of the design quality inspection
  • The recording of data during the inspection of the goods
  • Analysis of the data and writing the summary
We have a collected a few tips to help you write up the garment inspection report: 

  1. Measure the percentage of defects of the garments by employing a quality checker to inspect at the end of the line. They will record the amount of pieces they check during the day and record the number of defective garments. At the end of the day calculate the percentage of defective garments in the production lot.
  2. Check the measurements by designing a format with the measuring points and measurements. Record the actual measurements of the garments and verify the measurements with the buyer.  The findings need to be included on the report.
  3. To discover the major defects that you will need to design a format to collect data including the different defect categories, the total number of defects and the number of pieces that have been accepted. Check the garments and make a record of the defects under the categories and the number of defective pieces found. Add the numbers in each category and calculate the total number of defects. Calculate the DHU and the Percentage Defective of the garment lot. Finally, write the defects in descending order and make a bar chart.

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