Monday, 9 February 2015

What are Quality Inspections in the Supply Chain?

Quality inspections play a vital role within the manufacturing process. They are used in many different links in the supply chain including:

·         Warehousing
·         Receipt of goods
·         Production
·         Goods issue

When the company buys items they may perform the quality inspection. The company will check to see if the agreement with the vendor is upheld and established if it can be used. If the item isn’t what was promised by the vendor the company will then be able to return the item and be refunded.

The vendor’s may also undertake the quality inspection before distributing the items. These inspections often include activities such as the inspection of the equipment used and the production facilities along with the other areas. These inspections can be a useful way for negotiating purchase agreements.

Manufacturers will also use quality inspections on the production line in order to correct issues as they arise to avoid problems down the line. Finished goods will also be inspected to check that they meet with the quality standards within that industry. The packaging used for shipments and labelling will also be checked.

Finally warehouse checks take place, where the products are stored before they are sold. Some of the products may become defective or the characteristics of the products may change during the storing time,  so the quality inspections are important to ensure that the goods are fit for purpose and able to be delivered to the customers.

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