Saturday, 28 March 2015

Chit Chat: 2015 European Sporting Goods Trends - Part 1

Let’s take a look at some of the sporting goods, trends we expect to see during 2015.

Outdoor Exercise

The appeal of the great outdoors will continue to attract new audiences looking to get fit in the open air. They have a wide choice of activities to choose from, from running the trails, climbing hills and mountains, skiing to simply being outside and being active. This is a trend that is expected to be a part of the sports industry growth in the future.


Running is similar to the outdoor exercise, but it deserves to have a segment all of its own. There is a close link between health, sports and the running mark et. The growth in running is expected to be in niche areas of the exercise, off road running, extreme events and trail running will continue to boom in the years to come, especially in Europe.


Cycling remains popular, especially in the UK and again, it’s a sport growing thanks to the interest in outdoor sports and activities. There is an increasing demand for electric bicycles and a need for clothing in this area

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  1. The selling point of the great outdoors will always attract new audiences seeking to get fit in the available air. They have a extensive choice of activities to pick from, from running the hiking trails, climbing hills and hills, skiing to simply getting outside and being lively.