Saturday, 14 November 2015

Chit Chat: Healthcare Trends 2015

Healthcare providers need to compete hard in an industry that has multiple challenges caused by the policies, the empowerment of the consumers and the restrictive margins. It is necessary to focus on the important signals and the 2015 trends that are a result of the important signals are as follows:
  • Consumers are taking healthcare into their own hands more than ever before. They want to play their own part in the decision process of choosing healthcare coverage and the treatments they receive.
  • The federal government continues to solidify their position as a healthcare market maker.
  • The reimbursement from insurance becomes meaner.
  • Employers finding new ways of remaining paternalistic using new funding models and new care bundles.
  • A new marketplace in healthcare is the one that is combining care and financing. This new marketplace needs to be more transparent and competitive. New retail channels are added and the risks are being transferred over to the providers and the consumers.
  • Healthcare payers may have decisions to make, especially in care delivery if they want to support the shift of risks to providers and help to enable and accelerate it.
  • The costs can be reduced by using standardised processes, patient flow, aligning resources with strategic priorities and using modern industrial engineering techniques.
  • Playing to the strengths and recognising the diversification in the industry may not be suitable for everyone. Sometimes it is better to focus on a specific market and gain an advantage in this market rather than stretching the company and under performing.

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