Saturday, 21 November 2015

Chit Chat: A Look at Travel Trends in 2016

Here are four of the travel trends that have been predicted by three marketing experts from Hawaiian Air, Celebrity Cruises and TripAdvisor during 2016.

1.    Bleisure Travel
Business travellers are now expecting more from their time and are looking to combine business trips with leisure. These consumers might be bringing family along on their business trips, extending their trips and finding a better balance between work and life. These travellers are arriving at airports earlier, making use of the lounge and staying connected using Wi-Fi. They’re able to work anywhere rather than staying put in a business centre.  Marketers will benefit from recognising how to cater towards business and pleasure customers who want to get the most out of life.

2.    Experimental Travel Marketing
Brands are using experimental travel marketing as a way of discovering how they can connect to their consumers on a more personal level. The use of pop-ups and hosting shows and putting on special events is proving popular and gives the brands a way of getting noticed and standing out from the competition. Creating experiences is key.

3.    Mobile Friendly Travel
Mobile continues to thrive and it helps the consumers to remain connected while they are travelling. Consumers want to share their experiences with their friends and family back home and as a result they act as influential brand ambassadors. Providing travel companion apps are one way to benefit from this ongoing trend.

4.    Seamlessness
Customers want to complete the entire organisation and booking of their travels in one place. Mobile customers want to have a seamless booking experience that includes all parts of the process, from researching to planning, booking to organising trips and excursions. Booking opportunities are available at the touch of a button.

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