Monday, 2 November 2015

How to Apply Best Practices

There are five steps that can be followed in order to apply best practices. The processes need to be sustained in order to remain on top of the best practice updates and refined when necessary, but the five steps are as follows.

1. Find improvement opportunity through informal observations, by measuring continuous performance or by using internal or external benchmarks.

2. Decide if the opportunity is worth pursuing. Prioritise and assign appropriate resources so that benefits are realized and resources are not wasted.

3. Investigate the reasons why there is a lack in performance and identify what best practices would be most beneficial to apply. Use techniques to decide on the best practices to use, such as:
  • Process mapping
  • Analysis
  • Research
  • Benchmarking
4. Apply the changes to practical applications within the business. Some best practices might need to be adapted or customised while others can be applied immediately and without change. 

5.Maintain the changes and sustain them over time in order to benefit. Stopping the changes too soon will not result in the desired results.

These five steps should be followed in order to implement best practices. Identify the problem and seek out the opportunity for improvement before finding the best practice, implementing and sustaining it over time.

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