Thursday, 12 November 2015

How to Define the Right Metrics Using Three Steps? Step 6

Step Three – Understanding the Metrics that Help Define a Best Practice Performance Management Process

Data is big business, but all of this data is causing many organisations to lose focus and become confused. Companies can now access a large amount of data but they also need to focus on the metrics that really matter and not get lost in all the information. Understanding the metrics is the most important way to obtain and analyse the information so that it can be used in helping theorganisation meet the objectives and goals.

The best practice companies are the ones that are:

·         Making speedy decisions
·        Confident in decision making
·         Have focused, fast and simple processes
·         Attract, train and leverage staff
·         Do not spend much money in supporting effective performance management            processes
·         Spent more time in planning and analysing data and less in collecting and validating  data
·         Are able to deliver tailored information that meets the needs of the person

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