Friday, 27 November 2015

What are the ingredients of a sustainable supply chain strategy? Part 5

(Ingredient 5 - Balancing Economic, Environmental, and Social Objectives)

Here’s a brief six step process that can be followed to integrate the principles required for a sustainable supply chain into an existing supply chain.

  1. Assess the current state of the supply chain, covering the strategies, practices, resources and the capabilities. The main focus is on the internal factors and considered elements that are usually within the company’s control.
  2. Assess the external environment of the supply chain and identify existing and future trend development. These may include factors which are not normally under the direct influence of the company.
  3. Evaluate the impact that the internal and external scenarios may have on your existing supply chain. This will aid and define the “sensitivity” of the company and supply chain.
  4. Adjust the supply chain strategy and redesign where necessary.
  5. Implement the strategy focusing on balancing the social, economic and environmental objectives through sustainable Supply Chain Scorecard.
  6. Operationalisation of the sustainable supply chain. Monitor the supply chain from the financial, sustainability, supply chain and learning perspective

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