Thursday, 19 November 2015

What is EDI vs ERP System?

EDI is Electronic Data Interchange which acts as a standardised format is used to share business information using the electronic interchange.  Basically, EDI shows how a company is able to send information, invoices and purchase orders for example, to a different company without using paper or traditional methods. The businesses that conduct business electronically are known as trading partners.

ERP is Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP is the process that works towards consolidating the company’s departments and the various functions within the company into a single computer system. The system meets the specific needs of each department that use it. It brings together people, software and hardware to an efficient service, production and delivery system that bring in profits for the company.

ERPs are designed for the specific company so that all the various departments and the different information, data, software and hardware can be tailored to fit and benefit the company. The id ea is to have one software solution that is fully integrated seamlessly, so all decision making information can be shared up and down all the various departments.

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