Friday, 16 December 2016

About Transportation and Material Handling

Transportation is used to move materials and goods between the links in the supply chain. Transport companies consider the movement of goods as an important strategy for delivering goods to the end customer. These companies are working to integrate all the movements to improve the efficiency of transportation. 

Many transport firms are able to move customised parts and products but not as many that are able to transport resource materials such as coal. All the transportation decisions can be made at the operating level. The goal should be to find the most cost efficient transport routes between all the links.

There are external transportation modes. Outsourcing is a popular option and is now frequently replacing the in-house option. As a result, the transportation firms have developed greater skills in moving products and goods and have more experience than product manufacturers have. External transportation includes inbound transportation of materials and outbound distribution and delivery of the goods.  The types of transport used could include hired vehicles such as taxi trucks or pallet loads used on a truck.  Contract carriers are used for more permanent contracts. Contract distribution can undertake all the movements of the finished products from the factory to the end customer and customer stores.

Material handling deals with the movements between all of the processes in the factory. It involves handling with forklift trucks. They may use pallet trucks or even move materials by hand between production lines and conveyors. Robots are even used in material handling where large numbers or materials are involved.

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