Saturday, 24 December 2016

Chit Chat: General Office Etiquette – Part 1 – Office or Not

It’s too easy to forget modesty and good manners when working in your own office. Keeping the door close instantly creates a wall between you and your co-workers. Therefore, it’s important to keep the door open unless you need absolute quiet, have a visitor or need privacy when dealing with a co-worker or employee.  When you close the door, remember to close it quietly without slamming the door.

Have humility and don’t allow your office to make visitors feel intimidated or inadequate. Don’t put your feet up on your desk, stand up or lean on the edge of the desk when in conversation. Create a relaxed environment.

Open office etiquette is also important. Remember that everyone is working hard and they have work to be getting on with. Be respectful of their space and their time. Ask to enter a cubicle rather than simply entering the space or speaking over a wall. Remember the people around the area speak quietly; avoid socialising in cubicles and meet visitors in meeting rooms rather than in the open office space.

Rising when someone enters your space is a sign of respect.  Rising is required when a boss or a senior person enters or for s omeone elderly.  It’s also a good manner to rise when a co-worker comes into your cubicle. However, for frequent visitors it’s possible to remain seated or you’d be rising throughout the day.

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