Saturday, 31 December 2016

Chit Chat: General Office Etiquette – Part 2 – Sharing Equipment & Space

Many workers can have a negative approach to sharing equipment and space. They see the equipment they use as not their concern and have a ‘not my job’ attitude. Office etiquette applies to everyone and here are some general rules to follow in order to benefit the entire office environment for all.

·         Allow colleagues with smaller amounts to print off to go first if you have a large amount of copies to make
·         Larger jobs can be performed first thing in the morning or after office hours to avoid delays
·         Don’t make personal copies at work
·         Check the paper draw and refill when it’s running low

Fax Machines
·         Ask permission to use the fax machine for personal use
·         Ask recipients if an email could be sent instead of a fax
·         Let people with smaller tasks go first if you have a large job on your hands
·         Drop any faxes off to your co-workers if one arrives while you’re there

·         Don’t print out large jobs on printers that are used heavily
·         Place print outs that haven’t been picked up face up where it can be easily seen
·         Drop off any finished printouts if you know who they belong to

·           Be respectful of all furniture in the office
·           Use coasters and napkins to protect the furniture
·           Clean up after yourself

·         Wipe up any spillages
·         Wash up after yourself
·         Wipe down appliances after you use them
·         Refill the ice cube tray after you use it
·           Refill the coffee machine if you have the last cup
·           Don’t cook smelly foods
·           Remove your leftovers from the fridge

·         Don’t leave the toilet seat up in unisex restrooms
·         Wipe the basins down after use
·         Throw away paper towels and personal hygiene products
·         Avoid having conversations with others while in the stall

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