Saturday, 17 December 2016

Chit Chat: General Office Etiquette – Everyday Etiquette & Why It Matter

In the modern age, there is a casual approach to dress, communication and entertaining. It’s nothing to worry about as human interactions change over time and so do manners. The etiquette guidelines for today are more situational and they are tailored to situations around you.  Etiquette is based on respect, consideration and honesty. 

Respect is about recognising the value of others and it doesn’t exclude anyone.  Being respectful in your day to day life and not demeaning people or treating them as inferiors is essential. It’s also important to have self-respect without boasting.

Consideration is about being thoughtful and kind to other people.  A good rule of thumb to remember is to treat others how you like to be treated. Think about other people and what will put them at ease and carry out acts of kindness. 

Honesty is connected to ethics as well as etiquette. Honesty is about acting sincerely but also being tactful. Being tactful is a way of being honest without hurting or embarrassing the other person. You need to be empathetic and not insult.

Etiquette is important as it helps to develop a strong character, integrity and sets you up to cope with any situations that may arise in the future.  Etiquette is timeless but it’s also flexible so we’re able to respect people with other beliefs and traditions. 

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