Saturday, 3 December 2016

Chit Chat: What are some customer service tools and techniques? Part 3

Today, we’re continuing our look at some customer service tools and techniques.

Providing Alternatives to Customers
Providing alternatives is a simple technique that is used to appease customers. Offering different products or services or even actions that could help to solve the customers’ issues can be used to provide a better level of customer service. Use probing questions to find with alternatives to offer the customer shows that you understand and interested in helping the customer.

Referral to a Supervisor
Sometimes it’s not possible for the employee to handle the problem for the customer. Sometimes the customer may ask to speak to a supervisor or the employee might not have the authority to take the required action. Speaking to someone higher up in the company can be helpful for particularly angry individuals who may respond more positively when speaking with a supervisor.  Supervisors and employees need to be on the same wavelength when dealing with referrals.

Sometimes customers get too emotionally involved in the conversation and can become more personal; attacking the person they are speaking to. Take control of this situation by refocusing the conversation and bringing it back to the original complaint. Showing empathy is a must and you need to show that you understand why the customer is angry but state that you are there to help and you have a few suggestions. Remove the customer attention from their anger and refocus them back on the problems and finding a constructive solution rather than personal attacks.

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