Wednesday, 28 December 2016

How can time compression be achieved?

There are seven strategies that can be used to achieve time compression. You can use one of the strategies or a combination that are applied from the company level to the supply chain. The seven strategies are:
  • Simplification – Removing complex processes that have probably developed over time
  • Integration – improving the movement of information flows throughout the company and integrate the flows and operations
  • Standardisation – Use best practices along with standardised modules, information protocols and components
  • Concurrent working – Changing over to parallel working and away from sequential working
  • Variance control – Avoiding time wastage and quality related waste by monitoring the processes so that problems can be corrected quickly
  • Automation – Automating to improve efficiency and improve how effective the activities in the supply chain are
  • Resource planning – Allocated the resources with the SCM best practice

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