Wednesday, 14 December 2016

What are the four processes of provisions? – Part 2

Today, we’re continuing our look at the four processes of provisions. Yesterday we touched on order taking and processes, check back on the blog if you missed part one.

The third process is dispatch.  Dispatch includes all of the activities in assembling finished goods for an order at the manufacturing plant and moving it to the customer. Order assembly is the first physical activity to take place. The operator beings each line item and assembles them. 

The operator performs checks to ensure everything required by the customer is included. It’s then moved onto vehicles and taken to the customer.  Dispatch is part of the distribution and it follows the products as they move from the manufacturer to the middlemen and then the end customer. Dispatch is made up of the following components:

  • Bulk transport moving goods from the factory to the distribution centre
  • The distribution stores, picks and assembles the products based on the customer orders
  • Despatching from the distribution centre to the customer
  • Cross docking, repacking and despatching also takes place at the distribution centre
  • Coordination of the second tier customers
  • Product tracking
  • Inventory control
The fourth process is logistics customer service. This deals with all the functions of provisions that don’t involve physical action or product. The logistics customer service deals with the service parameters of the delivery of the product and after sales and warranty, etc. These services are a necessity of purchasing materials, making the goods and dispatching them to the customer. 

There are intangible services that customers expect or demand from the companies they use. They may want next day delivery or at least expect the product to arrive when promised during the ordering process. 

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