Monday, 19 December 2016

What are the types of transport?

There are various types of transport to consider. Many businesses need to use multiple types to transport materials and goods throughout the supply chain. There are variations in the types of transport according to quantities, regularity and the relationships between transporters and producers.

The transport can be hired for single journeys. Taxi trucks are able to carry anything from just a few boxes up to a cubic meter. A semi-trailer is more suitable for large quantities of goods on pallets or as loose cargo.

Contract carriers are used for more permanent arrangements. The carrier will move a set amount of loads each week. Alternatively, they may provide a driver and a truck for a set amount of days each week. Moving on from there, contract distribution is used. This is extremely common and now more common than having in-house transport. The transportation company is outsourced and they move the finished goods to the customers from the factory.

The contractor gives a quote and state the level of service that they will provide. Once accepted, the carrier will be responsible for the organisation and transportation of the product to the end customer.

A company will need to consider the following when finding a transport solution:

  1. Which mode will be used?
  2. What type of carrier is best?
  3. How often will the transport be needed?
  4. Which assembly to use?
  5. How much will it cost?

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