Saturday, 7 January 2017

Chit Chat: General Office Etiquette – Part 3 – Requesting & Offering Help

By offering help to others, you’re more likely to receive help. Being generous with others increases the chance of generosity being returned to you. So, if you see someone snowed under with work, offering to help is certainly beneficial for both of you. Always say thank you when someone offers help and think about how you could express thanks in other ways when someone really goes out of their way to lend a hand. Giving a card or a small gift or buying lunch are a few ideas to consider. 

New Recruits

Always be prepared to help out any newcomers.  It’s easy to forget what it’s like being new, but try to remember how you felt and any questions you need to answer at that time. Be forgiving, but within reason. Provide answers to their questions and give tips and advice. However, don’t divulge all the latest office gossip, newcomers will be getting to know everyone and you don’t want them to pass a negative judgement on you.

Your Job Role

Some companies still expect assistants to perform tasks such as making coffee, while others have moved with the time. Check your job role to see if personal services such as shopping for superiors are included. Perform your job role and consider the personal tasks carefully before you raise a complaint. Only raise concerns if the personal jobs eat into your work time and if they are happening frequently enough to be considered a nuisance.

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