Saturday, 28 January 2017

Chit Chat: General Office Etiquette – Part 5 – Office Appointments

Informal office appointments are usually different to the group meetings. However, they can be equally as valuable and productive. Here are some of the courtesies that should be observed for office appointments.

  • Where to Meet – Choose a private space that is comfortable and also psychologically. If you work in a busy work space it’s better to book a private meeting room for your appointment to avoid any problems on the actual day.
  • Arrive Early – Be prepared for your visitor to arrive early. If you’re not ready, be sure to make them feel comfortable while you get prepared.  Greet the visitor, offer a chair and ask if they’d like something to read and drink until you’re all ready to go. Do make sure that you will be ready for the set time of the meeting.
  • Late Arrivals – Your visitor might be late and you may no longer be able to hold the meeting because of this. Accept their apology and book another time to hold the meeting. If you need to leave the office, ask the receptionist to explain and reschedule the meeting on your behalf.
  • Be on Time – If you do keep your visitor waiting you should apologise and ask if they would like to reschedule if it’s more convenient for them.
  • Always walk your visitor out at the end of the meeting. If you’re in a rush, politely end the conversation by offering to continue the discussion later on and explain that you need to go to another appointment.

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