Thursday, 19 January 2017

Combination of articulated strategic moves in logistics

  • Having in-house or outsourced logistics relates to the company working to reduce their logistics costs and the overall costs of supply.  The company may want to differentiate or make alliances or perhaps even diversify or expand, or a combination of any of those goals. 
  • Integrators may use their knowledge of alliances and complementarities to integrate their operations. For example, they may be offering to dispatch parts on a just in time basis, diversifying from their original focus. Other companies may be using differentiation and combining it with a cost reduction objective. They focus on being efficient and use the channel assembly business model so part of the assembly is transferred to resellers. From there, multi-channel differentiation needs to be integrated with alliances.
  • Another example of articulated strategic moves is the express customization service that is combined with innovation. The innovation comes in the form of offers and the process, offering differentiation through the service provided and they’re able to expand because of this mission.
  • Combination itinerary is a deliberate move that uses lots of strategies that are first conceived as being independent from one another. The integration of these strategies might be synchnronised but they can also be spread out, but the itinerary is always created before the initial strategic move is started.

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