Monday, 2 January 2017

Quality Advantage in Time Compression Approach

Time compression requires a quality based approach, it requires the quality of the product to meet the customer’s needs. If the quality doesn’t meet these needs, there is a risk of losing customers and goodwill. 

This will cause problems for sales, marketing, and manufacturing, costing time to find solutions for the lack of quality and to build up a customer base once more. By investigating time wastage it’s possible to find root causes of problems. This is why time should be a focus on improving quality.

Quality is essential not just for the customer but also for the company. This is the total quality management (TQM) approach, which also look into waste elimination. There is a need of a holistic approach for TQM in order to work effectively. Time compression plays a role in providing this approach as it uses simple measures that are visible to the entire supply chain.

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