Friday, 20 January 2017

Rebounding with New Strategic Moves in Logistics

Today we’re looking at examples of rebounding with new strategic moves in logistics.

  • A firm wants to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Using their experience they focus on taking over distribution of materials that compliment or are different from their own range and these products also have different manufacturers. This act of diversification can transform the company, creating an opportunity to expand geographically and deliver to new regions.
  • A third firm is in the logistics industry. They used innovation and alliances combined with their own skills to provide just in time deliveries. From there, they’re able to rebound on diversification by informing their customers that they can offer assembly operations in their warehouses for the parts that they previously managed. They then assemble the parts and deliver them quickly, as when needed to the production lines. Through this new service, they become part suppliers as well as logistic providers.
  • Rebounding is when the firms act on opportunities that come from taking the first steps in their chosen strategy. They capitalize on the new opportunities, revisit and reformulate their strategy and make use of the new information that has been gathered.

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