Tuesday, 7 March 2017

What are the pricing principles in logistics?

There are several consequences that come with unfair pricing in logistics. Here are some of the areas where the evidence of such action can be shown.

  1. Prices that aren’t based on cost or related to use
  2. Linking required performances with ones that aren’t necessary or required
  3. Offering only all-inclusive prices
  4. Price changes made too often and for no reason
  5. Complicated price models, subscriptions, and discounts making it too hard to work out the price of the individual performances
  6. Incomplete price lists
  7. Pricing structures that are too complicated to understand

Unfair pricing is a problem commonly found in logistics. The tariffs can be based on outdated tariff models or pricing schemes and so on. Customers may find it impossible to get answers to their pricing questions or working out the price lists. Many customers become annoyed and distrust the providers.

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