Saturday, 29 April 2017

Chit Chat: General Business Etiquettes – China

Here are some of the general business etiquettes to expect in China.
  • Shake the hand when saying hello and goodbye, often accompanies with the nod of a head.
  • It’s important to address people with their professional title.
  • Have one side of your business card translated into Chinese.
  • Give your business card using both hands and have the Chinese side facing the recipient.
  • Examine business cards you are given to show appreciation and interest. Don’t write on them or fold them up.
  • Carry a case to place received business cards, don’t put them in your pocket or wallet.
  • Don’t exchange gifts at the firms meeting
  • Writing pens are considered to be a good gift
  • Don’t give anything that is white, black or blue
  • Don’t give anything in groups of four
  • Don’t give letter openers, clocks, handkerchiefs, straw sandals, scissors, knives, storks or cranes
  • Wrap the gift
  • Don’t open the gift straight away unless you are encouraged to do so
  • Refuse a gift before you accept it
  • Receive and give gifts using both hands
  • The Chinese often speak indirectly
  • Use eye contact
  • Don’t point with your finger, use the open palm
  • Never move anything with your feet
  • Don’t put feet on the furniture
  • Don’t snap fingers or whistle
  • Don’t refuse a drink
  • Be on time for your appointment
  • Being plenty of copies of the written documents for the meeting
  • The leader of the meeting should be the most senior member of your business.
  • The host of meeting will begin the business discussion after a small amount of small talk.
  • The Chinese will leave the meeting first.

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