Wednesday, 19 April 2017

eBusiness in Healthcare & Medical Informatics

eHealth is a topic that is frequently discussed these days. One of the ehealth areas that have been practically ignored is ecommerce.  Health and medical informatics are more focused on inpatient care topics and the business side of things is left to other areas. The business issues relate to topics such as cost reduction. Quality and costs are on one side and health information systems are on another. There is a need to reduce costs without reducing quality. Hospitals need to convert data that is collected from patient care processes and turned into information that can be used in management.  Clinical pathways are an example of instruments that are concentrating on cost reduction without affecting quality negatively. Clinical pathways that are being integrated into information systems and they show that there is a need for providing data from clinical processes and working to resolve quality and cost issues.

The flow of information is moving from patient care to management and back again. The data is being organised using resources such as materials, facilities and human resources. This data is used by the patient care professionals to ensure they are fully informed and they have the ability to perform tasks. An example of how an effective materials management can be beneficial is in the case of faulty products. The product charge numbers are all stored in material management. Once a recall is made the products can be pulled and any harm can be avoided. Clinicians can be better informed thanks to structured product information that uses standardised classification systems and technologies. 

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