Tuesday, 4 April 2017

What are the key issues for today’s business operations? – Part 2

Yesterday we took a quick look at the most common key issues in today’s business operations. Today we’re going to direct our attention to one of the other key areas, environmental concerns.  

Environmental concerns have increased in recent years. There are now stricter regulations in place, especially in the more developed nations. Businesses are coming under pressure to take appropriate measures to reduce their impact on the environment and to improve their processes to make them sustainable. Sustainability requires businesses to find processes that will make the best use of resources without causing harm to ecological systems. These sustainability measures go beyond the environment and even economic measures as they work to incorporate social matters in the decision making processes.
The entire business is affected by environmental and sustainable measures. The most affected areas include:
  •         Product and service design
  •         Supply chain waste management
  •         Disaster preparation and response
  •         Outsourcing

Operations management deals with the issues mentioned above. The options or introductions of ‘green initiatives’ may include reducing packaging, reducing water and energy use and so on. 

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